The beautiful and moody Smoky Mountains. I made this image back toward the end of the summer last year. A very moody morning. Gray skies and soft wind blowing. I'd say no more than 5 to 6 miles per hour. In many ways the Smoky Mountains bring back many childhood  memories.

Whenever I get a chance to be in the mountains, It is a treat for me to just sit somewhere and enjoy the view and the wind. I remember when I was a young boy my father would take the entire family to a place near where we lived in the city of Tegucigalpa called "El Hatillo". Oh it was such a beautiful experience. It was a grand mountain facing the capital city, almost untouched by men in many respects. It was always cold there no matter the time of year. Often when we were there, I would get up early and go outside. My favorite thing was to wrap myself in a thick blanket and sit in the driveway while i observed the fog go by and hear the soft whispers of the wind caressing the peaks of the mountains and the trees in the forest right in front of our house. I could sit there for hours. It was absolutely quiet, no engine sounds or noisy environment, it was just the mountain, the wind and the fog..  You could close your eyes and let the cool morning and the wind greet you while your eyes indulged in absorbing the soft movements of the forest caused by the wind. What a gift from God!

The Smokies is that place for me now that I live in the US, it displays such beauty in all of its breathtaking scenes.

This image is from a place near Morton's Overlook. The morning I made this image it had just rained lightly and the fog went by fast. I did get a window of opportunity before stronger winds came and it became impossible to capture anything sharply. Moody morning with soft light and soft colors.

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the weekend. As always, thank you for stopping by and viewing my images.