Feel the wind

Nice morning in the Smokies. Love the Cades Cove area. There is just so much there and so many moods in every season. Endless possibilities for photographers. 
This particular morning there was a nice soft cool wind blowing, it came and it went. It was during one of those calm moments when the wind just comes to a full halt and every thing seems to just stop with it that I was able to make this photograph. It is a great spot to just stop and lay down after you have seized the moment that you have envisioned. You have frozen that very moment in time, it is there, captured in your sensor. the shapes and colors have been captured and then it's just the artist and his digital tools to convey what is in the heart and mind. 

Hope you all enjoy this image and it conveys what I just described

Have a great day

"Nature is but a shadow of a much greater glory"