Spring Rivers

Hi everyone, It's been a while. I'm very excited about the new season of work which I will begin posting today. I have done some work both in Florida and in the Smoky Mountains. Though my favorite time in the Smokies is Fall and Winter, Spring has also beautiful characteristics and opportunities for a photographer hungry for shapes and colors!

The final photograph is a blending of 3 files for focusing purposes. 1 for the foreground, 1 for the middle ground and 1 for the background. This technique allows for total focus through the photo. No automated HDR done.

 I tried printing this on 17x22 "Bambu Paper" by Hahnemühle (the finest paper company with a history dating to the 1500's) and the result is absolutely exquisite. The surface is matte and it is one of the most sensual papers I have ever seen. It is an experience to not just view the art work but the feel of the paper complements the viewing.  This is not a completely smooth surface but rather it has some light texture. It has an excellent "Dmax" as well as "Dmin". Lovely surface to present fine art photography in any setting.

Hope everyone is doing fine. Enjoy the rest of your week.