Here's one from the Florida Keys, this file is perhaps from 2 years ago. I can't really recall. I was on my way to Bahia Honda Sate Park to try to shoot the sunset when I spotted this boat to my left hand side as I was driving. I decided to make a "U" turn and give this a try. 
In my mind I was wishing for clouds (as always!) and even when I was shooting I was complaining in my mind about the fact that there would be no clouds in my scene.
I could tell immediately that the light was just perfect and that from that standpoint this would lack no impact at least from the contrast/light perspective. So I shot a few times. The scene looked ok in my LCD, but then again, LCDs can be very deceiving, sometimes you think you have a winner and when you open the file in the computer all you can do is ask yourself,  - how can this be???, it all looked perfect!, what happened between then and now??, is this really what I saw???, you guys who are photographers know how this goes...
And yet there are other times when you don't even stop to look at the image in the LCD, you think to yourself, oh well... it's just going to be another one of those days when I go home with nothing!!! and when you open the file in your computer, you think, hmmm... may be it wasn't so bad after all, this just might work!. You proceed to work the file and to finish work simply starts to "grow on you" and it ends up being a keeper.

Well, I'm not sure that this will be a keeper, but I like it. I didn't do anything with this for the longest time because there were no clouds, but then, when I look at it and look at it again, I get the feeling that may be the clouds would have taken away the impact of the scene and the subject itself, I just don't know, I will let you be the judge of that..   

So any way, here it is, the finished image.. 

As always, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comments and critiques.

CANON EF 24-105 4.0 L
No filters used