Well, had a rough morning trying to wake up at 3:45 AM (that's the time I set the alarm for). Honestly, no idea how it happened but the alarm went off and for some reason, I totally missed it. I was supposed to meet Greg Anderson (a South Florida Landscape Photographer) in Jupiter to shot in Carlin Park. Well, you know the story, I woke up around 5 and minutes only to discover that it was way too late to make it to Jupiter.
So I ended up at The Everglades National Park, with 0 clouds everywhere, hot and humid as always of course!.
What you see up here is almost all that I got this AM. It is extremely frustrating because I had my hopes set on this morning to get some nice shots in Jupiter!, oh well.....
I suppose this photograph might make somewhere. I liked the colors and light. In order to get deeper colors I attached a thin line standard polarizer by Singh Ray and it did its job quite well I feel.

Anyway, I hope everybody else was able to get up and not sleep through like I did. As always, I thank you for stopping by and looking. Your comments and critiques are appreciated.

Canon 5D MKII
Canon EF 70-200 2.8 IS L
Singh Ray Thin Standard Circular Polarizer