The Southern Farmland

Hi folks, hope everyone is doing well. This is the first image of a series I'm working on. Everyone of us enjoys the benefits of the beautiful American Farmland, and guess what, even countries around the world enjoy the blessings that come from the hard work of millions of people around this nation. The American Farmland is beautiful and very often can be nostalgic and melancholic.

It evokes feelings, it evokes history, it evokes integrity and character. I am naming this first part of the series THE SOUTHERN FARMLAND because it focuses on this part of the nation's geography. 
My intention is convey the feeling that our fields communicate. The soft light pre sunrise sings to everyone. It brings a new beginning every day, it carries hope, it makes us realize that we are still alive. Millions of people around the nation head off to work the land. The sounds of animals mixed with sound of tractors and machinery remind everyone that the land does not wait, "all hands needed on deck"...

The day goes by, whether the skin is tanned by the hot sun or burnt by the freezing snow the effort to fulfill the mission of the day must go on and no one stops. Clothes stained by the dry sweat show the price of commitment. But it doesn't stop there, deep down in the heart of everyone, as the sun makes its way to the horizon to hide behind it for a few hours, a feeling of "well done, mission accomplish" invades every one. Mission accomplished in spite of personal issues. Yes, people out there also have hearts and families. Just like many, and even in the midst of life's personal crisis, which often times can be very cruel, life does not stop. 

Sunset also seems to bring thoughts into our hearts. Life went on.. life will continue to go on.. keep pushing.. keep doing what is right.. hope and light will come tomorrow again..     

I have found while visiting the Southern Farmland that there are so many good people out there. People who live according to principles. People who are very grateful to God for their families, the land and His many blessings.

I am very impressed by what I have discovered "out there" and also feel very grateful with God for those people who every day work the Farmland with much effort

I made this photograph in Tennessee during my last trip there in 2015. This was a beautiful sunset which seems to say "photograph me!" as I drove by it, so I did.

So here's the poetry of light as it kisses the Southern Farmland